About Us

Our ambition is to create the most spectacular drone shows in the world

Flying Bebop is a dance act that combines the best artists, the best engineers and the best drones to create dynamic and beautiful human + drone shows.

Our aim is to showcase what’s possible with autonomous drone swarms by increasing the level of dynamism and interaction between dancers and drones to such a degree that they become one medium working together to communicate beauty and emotion.

Our ambition is to create the largest, most dynamic and most spectacular drone shows in the world.

Our journey with Britain’s Got Talent started in January 2016. The challenge was to create something spectacular within the show’s many constraints: limited space on stage; limited duration for the audition; limited time to setup; a very busy radio environment and the requirement that the show worked first time!


Flying Bebop shows


Delivering the world's most spectacular dancer + drone shows

A tightly integrated team with choreography, dance, engineering, product development, film and project management experience coming together with one ambition: to create the largest, most dynamic and most spectacular drone shows in the world.

Antoine Marc

Artistic Director / Choreographer

Gavin Vincent


Nadia Lumley


Florent Gosserez


Tonio Garrido


Éric Videau


Jean-Dominique Lauwereins


John Mckenna

Producer / BeTomorrow

Eric Thommerot

Engineer / BeTomorrow

Mathieu Airault

Engineer / BeTomorrow

Jordan Carrier

Engineer / BeTomorrow

Michael Luke


Edouard Leurent

Control of drones / Parrot

Emilie Baudin

Image processing drone’s camera / Parrot

Sylvain Fanjaud

Drone firmware specialty / Parrot

Tim Dubuisson

Camera Crew / La Pure Prod

Nicolas Chauveau

Camera Crew / La Pure Prod


The combined expertise of Parrot and BeTomorrow

Parrot is an innovation-focused company that designs, develops and markets consumer products and commercial solutions in the Automotive and Drone space.

In 2010 Parrot pioneered the consumer drone market with the launch of the Parrot AR.Drone. Parrot is now one of the leading drone companies in the world.

The drone used by Flying Bebop is the Parrot Bebop 2, an affordable and lightweight drone which contains the very latest in sensor and control technologies enabling it to execute highly dynamic flight. For BGT, Parrot engineers worked closely with BeTomorrow to make available the full capabilities of the Bebop 2.

BeTomorrow is an independent technology company and innovation lab with deep expertise in developing systems that allow drones to operate without human input.

BeTomorrow’s work on drones started in 2006 in a project for one the world’s largest military suppliers. BeTomorrow’s now develops complex end-to-end enterprise solutions using autonomous robots (e.g. a system to transport medical samples for emergency testing using drones).

Alongside this work BeTomorrow supports Flying Bebop and other shows in order to keep pushing the limits of drone tracking and autonomous control. For BGT, BeTomorrow engineers worked closely with Parrot to explore the limits of the Bebop 2 drone with highly-dynamic autonomous flight.

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